Jack and Gabe's love for all things tasty began in their childhood. As twins in a family of six, if you didn't eat quickly enough, you didn't eat at all. You might think this would lead to unhealthy eating habits ... and you’d be entirely correct. Whilst Jack has been known to order sweets for delivery from his local shop (which is literally on the corner of his street), Gabe is considerably worse, and has never been able to resist eating a whole bag of miscellaneous fizzy delights. 
After years spent apart in different corners of London, Cambridge, Barcelona and New York, the twins naturally grew a little distant, sharing neither meals nor stories, totally unaware of the person the other was turning into: a preachy vegan and a mediocre musician! 
When they reunited in their early 20s however, they finally realised their one true common love ... tasty content! So, they decided to throw in the towel, give up their corporate advertising jobs (working for Mulberry, Santander & Oxford University), and start making all sorts of delectable content - animations, videos, illustrations, photos, and anything else - for their favourite brands. 
This is what Edible is all about. A content studio driven by the most creative and energetic twin-duo the world has ever seen.  Then again, maybe that's all just down to the sugar...
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